About fineartby.me

fineartby.me is headed by Tambra Wilcox, an artist who was raised in a family full of creativity and artistic vision. In the spring of 2009, Tambra was seeking to harness the power of the Internet to share her art with the world, without needing to worry about maintaining a Web site. She proposed the idea of an Artist's Portfolio to her son, developer Andrew Wilcox, who promptly wrote the initial version. Since then, the Artist's Portfolio has been continuously improved; evolving, for instance, to have the ability to track patrons and purchase records. And now, it's ready for you.

fineartby.me is designed to allow you, the Artist, to focus on your art – not a Web site or user manual. It is a cohesive system designed to keep track of your original artworks, reproductions, patrons, and purchases. You can cross-reference these using the powerful and easy-to-use Reports feature, to understand things like "What patrons enjoy these art topics?" or "How are my reproductions selling by country?". fineartby.me allows you to quickly view and share your artwork around the world, including on your smartphone or tablet device.

Further your success with intuitive and powerful software that works with you to make your art the best it can be. We believe in you and your art. We want you to succeed.